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Open Day

Stunned and thrilled in equal measure at the one and only Open Day yesterday. Stunned that as many as 3000 people came and thrilled to bits that there was that much interest in Boxford’s Mosaic.

Pictures below are trench 2 – The Mosaic trench – if you can see it!

Anthony Beeson “interpreter extraordinaire” of the figures on the mosaic

And Alice Jones who continued whilst Anthony had his lunch!

Matt Nichol describing the villa itself

The Combo!

Sam describing trench 1 ………………in the sun and in the rain!

Queuing to look in the “Finds” tent – artefacts and pictures were on display

The Mosaic 6m x 5m- the walls of the room can be clearly seen.
The figurative panels are surrounded by a red tesserae border

Pictures today from Richard and David

Many thanks go to the many local volunteers, BHP trustees and members and the Cotswold team who work so hard yesterday to make the Open Day such a success. Special thanks to Anthony Beeson who had many new fans amongst the audience, who found his interpretation of the mosaic story both illuminating and entertaining.

Update: Visitors to the Open Day were very generous and made many donations into the buckets provided. Because of the rain some of this got wet, so it spent the night in the airing cupboard drying out ………John Hayward has suggested this might be described as money laundering! Anyway it is not all dry yet but so far we are up to £2000 and counting!! This will go some way to funding the cost of conserving all those metal objects that the volunteers dug out of the ground! A big thank you to all our visitors.
Look out for The Times and The Mail – both have asked to use the blog photos.

Last day for diggers

A hectic day of cleaning before the Open Day. We also welcomed Radio Berkshire who did a live 3 hour programme from the site! But first the team photo!

A man happy in his work

Oh what a lovely mosaic!

Some special finds from the 3 Roman Mattockeers!

Photos today by Matt and David

Day 9 for diggers

The story of the mosaic is revealed! Anthony Beeson saw the key to the puzzle when he saw a lynch pin in the mosaic. It seems that one object was the key to the discovery that the main mosaic panel was the mythical Greek story of Pelops.

Today was the story of clean, clean and clean again in preparation for the Open Day on Saturday.

How many times have you cleaned the kitchen floor with a toothbrush?

Water was an issue

Even the walls had to be cleaned straight and level

And all day a mound of soil was sifted by Mark which will eventually be used to re-cover the mosaic

Lunch was a welcome break

Tomorrow is the last day of the dig – Radio Berkshire will presenting their afternoon show live from the site between 13.00 – 16.00
Thanks to you all for your hard work which has made it all possible.

Dig Day 8 Visited by Aunty Beeb

Anthony Beeson being interviewed by BBC South Today (to be screened on Friday)




Fay and Emma

Washing the floor for the first time in 1700 years

A visit to the site today by Alan Baylis and his wife Margaret. Alan and his family had farmed the Mud Hole field for many generations. It was he who pointed out the true location of the villa in the field

Some of David’s photos below of the “workers” yesterday when it was so hot.

Whilst some took a moment or two to chill!

Matt and Tina carefully extricating the metal hoard found in the wall yesterday by Alex.

Photos above from David and Richard

Coin photo and research thus far by Chris

Boxford Dig day 7 – the mosaic revealed

At the beginning of the day Matt set the diggers a task of removing the last of the debris from the mosaic…… the time of the morning break! It focussed minds and all heads were down and working hard.

But we did it!

Next it was down to fine brushing in preparation for several sponge downs!

In the meanwhile, Alex had found a metal stash in the mosaic room wall – who put it there? Was this at the end of the Roman era, from someone using a derelict villa to hide it, in a chaotic cashless society when bartering would have been important?

Hook or earring? Made of copper so possibly the latter.

This tool was also found but is it Roman? Possibly Victorian left by the farmer putting in the land drain.

A message across the centuries – one that we still have to decipher!

Photos today from Richard and Chris

Dig day 6 – Phew what a scorcher!

Brilliant shot of the site

Some Roman put his foot in it – you can see the hobnails

Absolute miracle that this ring came to whole considering the mattocking!

Some of the finds processing team

Anthony happy in his work cleaning and deciphering the images on the mosaic

Patiently cleaning back the mosaic

Photos from David and Richard with thanks

Day 5 – Saturday -The Reveal begins!

Considering it’s only day 5 (week 1) of the dig, it’s really amazing just how much has been accomplished. Thanks to all diggers, sievers, washers and recorders for all they have done over the past week – it has exceeded expectations. By the end of the day, nearly half the mosaic had been exposed – thankfully in pretty good order and the finds processing team has kept up with what has been coming out of the ground. People found themselves stopping work and gazing at what was being revealed but we will have to resist that temptation if we are going to be able display the mosaic in all its glory and to Matt’s satisfaction for the Open Day on Saturday 31st August.

The Boxford contingent

I am sure there was a wall there!

Without the sponsors we would not be here

A Telemon appears with eyes, belly button and all!

Photos today from Mike, Joy and David

Charitable Status

The Boxford History Project submission for registered charity status was approved by the Charity Commission in April.

Charity registration number: 1182817
Charity name: Boxford History Project

A BHP Meeting is called to approve an application to the Charity Commission for Charity Status




  1. To approve an application to the Charity Commission for Charitystatus
  2. In accordance with Charity Commission model document Charitable Associations:

a) To adopt a new constitution

b) To initiate a Register of Members (Membership is invited from Boxford and neighbouring parishes)

c) To elect 6 trustees

d) To elect officers viz Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer

3.  To approve the inspected accounts for year ending December 31st 2018

Boxford  History Project -Data Privacy Policy

Personal Data – Collection

  • All the residents, past and present, of the civil parish of Boxford, West Berkshire and its neighbouring parishes are eligible to be members of the Boxford History Project (BHP).
  • A Membership Register is maintained of all residents that have become members (normally by completing a simple form).The personal data consists of name, postal address, a telephone number (either home or mobile) and email address if provided.  This data is maintained on an Excel spreadsheet.
  • In addition, BHP may collect personal data for any individual who volunteers to work on an archaeological site. Personal data consists of name, postal address, telephone numbers (both home and mobile), and email address if provided. Information about medical conditions/medication is collected on an as required basis only for volunteers at risk who work on the archaeological site, as part of Health and Safety requirements.  The medical information is shared only on a need to know basis, is kept securely by the Chair and is destroyed when no longer required.
  • Personal data is used to further our objectives by allowing us to inform members and volunteers of upcoming events and activities of interest. Where members and volunteers have given us permission to send information to them via email, this is our primary method of communication. Emails are sent using blind copies, so no individual can see the email address of others.  Where email consent is not provided, event information is conveyed by phone.
  • Members and Volunteers give us consent for collection of this information as part of joining the Project or as part of the volunteering process.
  • We also retain data for some people who have indicated a particular area of interest or desire to volunteer for specific activities of the BHP.  This information is not kept current, but may be used to contact a specific individual to ask for some assistance.
  • Name and email information is infrequently used to invite all our members to apply to join the BHP committee when a vacancy arises.
  • Currently the Secretary holds the Membership Register and the Chair holds contact details of all volunteers.

Activity Data

  • For each activity that the BHP organises, an attendance log is maintained that includes only names of the attendees.
  • This is created by the Chairman and is kept for three years on a password-protected spreadsheet.

Retention Period

  • Membership and volunteer data is kept up to date.Data is retained for 3 years after the initial date to make it easier to re-commence volunteering.  However, any member or volunteer may request that his/her details are deleted immediately.  All discarded paper records with personal data are shredded.

Data Security

  • Membership data is maintained by the Secretary. Volunteer data is maintained by the Chair.  Both are on an Excel spreadsheet.  It is backed up regularly. In addition, email addresses are stored on the email contact list to make the sending of emails easier.  The Secretary also retains a paper copy of the membership forms in a file.
  • No other Committee members retain any personal data.
  • Personal data is never accessed on portable devices and is only shared with non-Committee members on an anonymised and/or summarised basis. However names of members and volunteers may appear in archaeology reports with their permission, to express appreciation for their support.
  • No other Committee members retain any volunteer data.
  • Personal data is never accessed on portable devices and is only shared with non-Committee members on an anonymised and/or summarised basis. However names of members and volunteers may appear in archaeology reports with their permission, to express appreciation for their support.
  • We do not share data with any other organisation.

Rights of BHP Members and Volunteers

BHP complies with the new General Data Protection Regulations, and all our members and volunteers have the rights outlined in the legislation.

For BHP, these rights are as follows:

  • The right to be informed – A copy of our Data Privacy Policy is available on the Boxford website.
  • The right of access – Our volunteers can email or write to the Chairman to obtain a copy of their personal data. This will be provided within a month of the date of the request.
  • The right to rectification – Our members and volunteers can have their data corrected by emailing or writing to the Chairman. This will be done within a month of the date of the request.
  • The right to erasure – Our members and volunteers have the right to have their data deleted.This will be done within a month of the date of the request.

Data Controller

  • The Data Controller currently is the Chairman.
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