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Boxford  History Project – Data Privacy Policy

Personal Data – Collection

All the inhabitants of Boxford Parish – past and present are considered members of the Boxford History Project by default and communications to them are sent via the Parish Email system and the Boxford website operated by Boxford Parish Council. Therefore the Boxford History Project (referred to in this document as BHP or we/us/our) does not separately collect any personal data for members; data is collected only when a person becomes a volunteer.

  • BHP collects personal data for each volunteer. Personal data may consist of:name, postal address, telephone numbers (both home and mobile), and email address if provided. Information about medical conditions/medication is collected on an as required basis only for volunteers at risk who work on archaeological sites, as part of Health and Safety requirements.
  • Personal data is used to further our objectives by allowing us to inform volunteers of upcoming events and activities of interest. Where volunteers have given us permission to send information to them via email, this is our primary method of communication. Emails are sent using blind copies, so no volunteer can see the email address of others.  Where email consent is not provided, event information is conveyed by phone.
  • Volunteers give us consent for collection of this information as part of the volunteering process, for archaeological work or other history related work.
  • We also retain data for some people who have indicated a particular area of interest or desire to volunteer for specific activities of the BHP. This information is not kept current, but may be used to contact a specific individual to ask for some assistance.
  • Name and email information is infrequently used to invite all our volunteers to apply to join the BHP committee when a vacancy arises.
  • Currently the Chairman holds contact details of all volunteers.

Activity Data

  • For each activity that the BHP organises, an attendance log is maintained that includes only names of the attendees.
  • This is created by the Chairman and is kept for three years on a password-protected spreadsheet.

Retention Period

  • Volunteer data is kept up to date. Data is retained for 3 years after the initial date to make it easier to re-commence volunteering.  However, ex-volunteers may request that their details are deleted immediately.  All discarded paper records with personal data are shredded.

Data Security

  • Volunteer data is currently maintained by the Chairman on an Excel spreadsheet that is password protected. It is backed up regularly. In addition, email addresses are stored on the email contact list to make the sending of emails easier.  The Chairman also retains a paper copy of the application forms in a file.
  • No other Committee members retain any volunteer data.
  • Volunteer data is never accessed on portable devices and is only shared with non-committee members on an anonymised and/or summarised basis. However names of volunteers may appear in archaeology reports with their permission, to express appreciation for their volunteer support.
  • We do not share data with any other organisation.

Rights of BHP Volunteers

BHP complies with the new General Data Protection Regulations, and all of our    volunteers have the rights outlined in the legislation. For BHP, these       rights are as       follows:

  • The right to be informed – Our volunteers are provided with a summary of our policy on application. A copy of our Data Privacy Policy is available on the Boxford website.
  • The right of access – Our volunteers can email or write to the Chairman to obtain a copy of their personal data. This will be provided within a month of the date of the request.
  • The right to rectification – Our volunteers can have their data corrected by emailing or writing to the Chairman. This will be done within a month of the date of the request.
  • The right to erasure – Our volunteers have the right to have their data deleted.This will be done within a month of the date of the request.

Data Controller

  • The Data Controller currently is the Chairman.Policy approved by the Boxford History Project on Tuesday 17thApril 2018

Fundraising for 2019 – Uncovering the Boxford Mosaic

We are starting fundraising in earnest now for next year’s excavation of the mosaic. If you have been attending the lectures or came to the Open Day, the odds are you have already put your hand in your pocket! Cotswold Archaeology received a $1000 dollars from an American couple who had heard about the mosaic discovery last year – this is now in the BHP coffers. That made our total £1246.39 in donations. In the last couple of weeks we have received another £3000 from two very generous donors – what a brilliant start! If you know of any corporate body or charity that would be interested in supporting us, please let me know.

Many thanks.



Home Matches 

 v Ardington  August 19th 2pm

All support welcome and if you would be interested in helping/playing please advise on:


The Triumph of Bellerophon

About 75 -80 people turned up for the postponed lecture given by Anthony Beeson. It was a triumph of scholarship and interest – packed full of comparisons of the mosaic with others in the Roman Empire – showing quite why the Boxford mosaic is indeed unique and a national treasure! We are now in the process of fundraising so that we can uncover the whole of the mosaic in the late summer of 2019 so if you can help with fundraising, especially with corporate sponsorship, please let us know. We are looking at finding £55000+ – this seems a lot but this time we will have to cover the villa to prevent damage to the mosaic from the elements as well as unwanted visitors. Donations left last night amounted to £161.50 so many thanks to all who contributed. Over £1000 has been raised from donations so far for the 2019 dig. (By the way someone left a very nice red and beige shawl/scarf with green tassels in the village hall last night – please email if it was you.)

The Boxford History Project AGM will be held in the Heritage Centre on Monday 26th March at 7pm. We are looking for new committee members – if you are interested and there is plenty to interest – please email me.
Many thanks.
Joy Appleton
Boxford History Project

Current Archaeology Awards

Unfortunately the Boxford Roman project was unsuccessful at the Current Archaeology Awards ceremony held at the Senate House in London on Friday, where it had been nominated for Research Project of the Year. Two members from each of the project partners attended – Joy Appleton and Tina Lyle from Boxford History Project, Lindsey Bedford and Janet Firth from BARG (Berkshire Archaeology Project) and Matt Nichol and Duncan Coe from Cotswold Archaeology. The winner was Blick Mead, a prehistoric site in the Stonehenge landscape, a much bigger project which clearly had a high profile. We did not get to hear how many public votes each project collected. All that said and although we did not win, we are immensely proud of being nominated in the first place! Most of all, we would like to thank everyone who supported and voted for the project.

Anthony Beeson Lecture on Boxford’s Roman Mosaic

DCIM101MEDIADJI_0052.JPG Photo courtesy of Richard Miller

We are very fortunate that one of the leading UK iconographers, Anthony Beeson, will be giving a talk at Boxford Village Hall on Saturday 3rd March at 7pm entitled The Triumph of Bellerophon. The Boxford Mosaic, a unique survival from Roman Britain. Places will be limited on a first come first served basis because we anticipate a full house. So please reply to This mosaic was discovered last summer by locals supported by local archaeological groups, overseen by professionals and has been described by experts as the most important discovery of a Roman mosaic in Britain in the last 50 years.

For those of you who might be interested in the background of our speaker, who after his visit to the site last year conducted an incredibly thorough research looking at mosaics throughout the Roman world.
Anthony Beeson was born in 1948 into a well established Brighton family. Having worked at the Courtauld Institute of Art Library, he moved to Bristol in 1972 to become Fine Art Librarian, and over the following thirty-seven years developed the Bristol Art Library into one of the finest British public collections of art books. He is a noted classical iconographer who has written extensively in academic journals, lectured on Romano-British art and appeared on the television programme Time Team.

Boxford History Project and BARG Current Archaeology Nomination for Award

Exciting News!
Bellerephon in Boxford – the report of this year’s dig in the parish, has been included in the December issue of Current Archaeology This has subsequently been nominated for an award in the prestigious Research category of Current Archaeology. Photographs of many of the team involved and the mosaic are included in the six page article. The final result of the award in February 2018 will be based on the public’s vote only so your vote really counts. There is some stiff competition!! Please click on the link below for the article and see how to vote. Look for “Bellerephon in Boxford.” Please encourage friends and family to vote for us too!
Many thanks.

The Young Archaeologists from Sunflowers at Grafton

Many hands make light work and all that – so we were pleased to have the primary aged children from Grafton’s Holiday Club to lend a hand – greatly assisted by Lindsey of course, at this summer’s Boxford dig. They came on a very auspicious day when the mosaic experts visited the site, so stuck close to Matt when taking a look for themselves.

Professor Mike Fulford Lecture

Bringing us the latest news of the work of the Rural Roman Britain Project, Professor Fulford as decided to retitle his talk:

The Countryside of Roman Britain: economy and society

Date: 22nd November at 7.30pm

Venue: Boxford Village Hall, Lambourn Road, Boxford RG20 8DD (signed from The Bell cross roads)

Absolutely everyone is welcome.


We made the Nationals!!

Just in case you hadn’t heard, the mosaic story has hit the national papers and ITV and BBC even Russia Today!! Matt was on the Meridian News this evening with a few seconds of video of  Alice explaining the mosaic at the Open Day – video courtesy of Richard. What a world!! The photos from the blog have been used by  the papers too. Hard copies of the Times, Telegraph and Mail are available but the rest as far as we know is online – John even found a Greek post!

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