Sundays 2-5pm –  8th January, 5th February, 5th March,  2nd April,  7th May, 4th June, 2nd July, 6th August, 3rd September, 1st October, 5th November, 3rd December

Additionally, we open on demand to local historical groups and schools as well as individual visitors. Please contact

We hold a wide selection of maps, family histories and slide shows of Old Boxford as well as artefacts from different periods of Boxford’s history including finds from the three Roman sites recently excavated by the community. We also have a large photo courtesy of David Shepherd of The Boxford Mosaic and slideshows of the excavations.

Boxora to Boxford – the latest history book and The Boxford Mosaic – about the 2019 excavation which fully uncovered The Boxford Mosaic are on sale.