After a hectic fortnight and busy Open Day yesterday, the site was very quiet today – save for the sound of the hexicopter. The little drone controlled by Keith and John was taking some  aerial shots of the site without the distraction of people! We look forward to seeing the film in the future. All the tools and equipment have been returned to different archaeological organisations. The finds will be sent to specialists.

The BHP would like to offer heartfelt thanks to the following for making this dig  productive, memorable and really enjoyable:

BARG members and Steve and Lindsey in particular – Steve for leading the dig and Lindsey for purloining equipment from other archaeology groups and all members for imparting knowledge and expertise graciously.
Cotswold Archaeology – as our lead professionals  but with an easy touch when working with volunteers
Landowners and local farmers for being so accommodating and supportive.
Keith and John for bringing the hexicopter to give us spectacular shots
Dave for delivering equipment up to the site on a daily basis in his 4×4
Neighbours for accommodating additional parking
Bruce for being such a brilliant digger driver especially over the Roman Baths find
And all our volunteers – 48 at the last count spread over the two week period – some who came every day – diggers and finds processors all.  Every street in Boxford was represented by at least one volunteer. We also had a smattering of students from most of the secondary schools in Newbury – several going on to study at Uni this year. We hope that all our volunteers and other interested folk will come back next year when we dig another Roman site near Boxford. Please subscribe to the blog so you get updates and news about feedback sessions, lectures and information about the finds.