Well, we thought we would see the floor of the main entrance once the limestone roof tiles from the collapsed building were cleared away but what did we see?  More cbm! (ceramic building material)  The limestone roof tiles can be seen in a layer to the left of the picture. This has all got to be cleared away before we see the floor – very frustrating and tantalising. Gary was remarkably calm and stoic about it all and gamely carried on digging all day. However a couple of  nice surprises were the finds of a small piece of window glass which shows what a high class place this villa was, together with a beautiful piece of decorated wall plaster. We also found the underfloor heating channel – so central heating 1800 odd years ago. What an entrance – built to impress!

Gary stoically clearing away more cbm (ceramic building material)

Gary stoically digging more cbm (ceramic building material) and Dave clearing away soil.