Most people in Boxford will know there is to be a further Roman dig this summer – this time at Wyfield two weeks from 20th August. But you don’t have to live in Boxford to take part! If you haven’t already signed up to dig but would like to have ago – no previous experience is necessary – please let me know. Students over 16 are very welcome. We know from some of our previous student volunteers, how good this kind of activity looks on a CV. For those who have already expressed an interest in digging this summer, would you be kind enough to let me know your availability during the period 22nd August to 3rd September as soon as possible please. Although the farmer has not yet confirmed our dates, we hope this time guide will be near enough and hope to have an Open Day for the public at the end – most likely on September 4th. But more on that later.

 Access is not as easy as Hoar Hill and we cannot get a site hut near enough to the site. If you have a tent we can borrow for the two weeks, we would be most grateful – full height frame tents or similar for shelter as the site is quite exposed. We shall be using them to keep papers and personal belongings safe and accessible. We would also need help to put them up!

If you can help, please contact me at

 The fact that we have a number of Roman buildings in such a small geographical area would suggest that Boxford was a very busy place during the Roman era. For those of you in the parish of Boxford – if you have found any Roman artifacts in your garden – and this is quite possible – please add them to the National database yourself or contact the local liaison finds officer Anni Byard email If you want help with this, please let us know. Any information added to the National database just increases our overall understanding of what was going on here nearly 2000 years ago. 

 Many thanks and we look forward to hearing from you.